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Sales Manager 6K-8K
Front-end development engineer 10K-16K
Taobao customer service 2K-4K
Java Development Engineer 6K-8K
java development engineer 6K-8K
Operation and Maintenance Engineer of Qingdao New Airport 6K-8K
Embedded Software Engineer 8K-15K
Python engineer 4K-7K
hardware engineer 6K-10K

Popular businesses

进入公司主页 Qingdao Furi Group Co., Ltd. enters the company homepage

Qingdao Furi Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. It is a modern group that integrates automobile sales, real estate development, and luxury goods operations. It mainly includes luxury car yacht industry, real estate industry, and hotel fitness club industry. Renaissance Seaview Club is a top circle platform built by Furi's development over the past 20 years. It is the focus of Furi Group's strategic planning projects under construction. The club that is being built will become a one-stop, one-stop membership service system that integrates boutique hotels, catering and leisure, fitness and entertainment, luxury cars & yacht sailing, and meets the high-end members' desire for healthy living, business reception, vacation and leisure . The Renaissance Seaview Project is located at the Taipingjiao, Badaguan, Qingdao, and has the most incomparable super beautiful seascape in downtown Qingdao. It overlooks the blue floating mountain bay in the south, the verdant Victoria Peak in the north, the bustling CBD in the east, and the eight hundred-year-old barrier in the west. Renaissance Seaview is close to various large offices, finance, commerce, shopping, municipal institutions, cultural cuisine, and tourist attractions in the central business core area. It is also close to Qingdao Municipal Government, May Fourth Square, Olympic Sailing Center, Yunxiao Road Food Street, and Minjiang Road. Food Street is convenient. Renaissance Ocean View was designed by the Hong Kong Bama Dana Design Company. The modern architectural style is adopted to apply the city image of Qingdao "Sailing City" to the building. The three buildings are carefully laid out in a "Y" shape. Upright and beautiful, overlooking the three-fish gathering together. The Wanli Seaview Property incorporates the golden key service concept to form a customized one-to-one butler service model, bringing Qingdao the highest service system of the world's top luxury homes. Renaissance Ocean View Boutique Hotel has a variety of room types, including themed ocean view apartments, luxury ocean view rooms, and executive ocean view suites. It is equipped with a sea view gym that is higher than the five-star hotel standard. It is equipped with the most advanced water quality treatment in the world, making it the most sanitary and clean. Swimming pool; international top luxury SPA; At the same time, Renaissance Seaview Boutique Hotel pioneered with exclusive services such as Italian yacht sailing, Rolls-Royce and other exclusive services, is the world's top boutique hotel with exclusive high-end services.

进入公司主页 Qingdao Yuanxing Real Estate Broker Co., Ltd. enters the company homepage

-------- Take you to know about Yuanxing -------- Yuanxing Real Estate In 2009, Yuanxing Real Estate started from a small team of 9 people, based on the core business district of Beijing CBD. One sword, continuous innovation has made far travel a leader in the industry. The business scope includes Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu and other first-tier cities, and continues to expand the service area. As of the end of 2016, Yuanxing had more than 100 directly-operated chain stores and more than 10,000 professional commercial real estate purchase consultants and support teams. Yuanxing Real Estate has become one of the most influential brand brokerage companies in China's commercial sector. Since Qingdao Yuanxing settled in Qingdao, it has been working hard to create a commercial real estate information platform, focusing on commercial real estate, intensive cultivation of the island city customer group, providing one-stop services for partners, the powerful Yuanxing intranet system to provide the source of tenants as soon as possible Matching cases, looking for prospective customers, matching suitable properties. Complete transactions safely, quickly, and reasonably, because they are focused and professional. The growth and development of Yuanxing Real Estate is inseparable from the joining of more talents who have the dream and the courage to work hard. We firmly believe that under the core culture of "unity, gratitude, creation, and sharing", we will be able to achieve the community, enterprise, customers, and employees Win, become an entrepreneurial platform without the double yellow line to truly give young people opportunities, and strive to become the most popular agency in the field of commercial agency, striving to become the leading brand in China's commercial office location industry. The unity of the company atmosphere is also the first. Its correct understanding is self-evident to unite every distant pedestrian around us. We are united at the high level, united at the middle level, united by all employees, want to be in one place, and go to one place. Only in order to make the company invincible for a long time; secondly is grateful, every traveler should have a grateful heart, we regard a grateful heart as positive energy, thank our parents, thank us for our Company, thank our superiors, our subordinates, and everyone around us. Be grateful, never complain, and face every day's work and life in a positive and sunny way; and the most direct meaning of creating and sharing is to jointly create wealth and share wealth together. Each of us who travels with the company cooperates with the company. The relationship, Yuanxing provides not only a job, but also a cause. Our management can participate in the joint operation of the company with the company. There are both ordinary performance commissions and year-end dividends, so creating sharing means Each of us has a platform and opportunity to create wealth and share wealth together. We firmly believe in the eternal value, passionately realize the Jiaye dream, share each unique story, and jointly achieve rich life, harmonious growth and endless life. Headquarters Tel: 0532-6688-0011 Recruitment Email: Headquarters Address: 701, Xiwang Building, Shibei District, Qingdao

进入公司主页 Zhongqing Jian'an Construction Group Co., Ltd. enters the company homepage

Zhongqing Jian'an Construction Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Qingdao Jian'an Construction Group Co., Ltd.) has a number of professional qualifications such as first-class general contracting for housing construction, first-class general contracting for municipal engineering construction, first-class mechanical and electrical equipment installation, and first-class architectural design. There are multiple branches and legal entities inside and outside, forming an integrated comprehensive construction service that integrates house building general contracting, decoration and decoration, real estate development, construction and decoration engineering design, engineering agency construction, financial investment, and assembly factoryization. The enterprise has created a complete competitive advantage in the construction industry chain. Zhongqing Jian'an Group adheres to the corporate mission of “Sincerely Built High-quality Projects and Builds Broad Buildings in Ten Thousand Mansions”, and has been ranked among the top in the assessment of the main body of the Qingdao construction market for many years. From 2015 to 2017, it ranked first in the assessment of the main body of the Qingdao construction industry market for three consecutive years. It has become the only construction company in Qingdao that has implemented a quantitative evaluation method for the quality perception of construction projects in 2010, and has maintained an excellent rate of 100% for quality inspection before the completion of construction projects for 8 consecutive years. In 2017, the output value exceeded 10 billion yuan, ranking 48th among Qingdao's top 50 local taxpayers and 24th among Qingdao's top 100 companies. Since its establishment, Zhongqing Jian'an Group has always adhered to the business philosophy of "honesty, quality first" and the service concept of "building a family of thousands of people". Its business has gradually expanded to many regions inside and outside the province and overseas countries. In recent years, a number of key projects have been undertaken at home and abroad, including the renovation project of the main venue of the SCO Summit 2018-"Yandao Hotel" and "Badaguan Small Auditorium", "Liuting Airport Government VIP Reception Center" and other renovation projects. , Also undertook the construction of the Jiaodong International Airport Information Center, the airport office building, the Qingdao Metro Line 2, Line 3, Line 11 Operation Control Center, the 2014 World Garden Botanical Garden and other main venue projects, the National Deep Sea Base, the National Communications Industrial Park, National Marine Fishery Biological Germplasm Resource Bank, 2015 World Sports Congress Gymnasium, Qingdao International Academician Port, Sea Rice Center, Shandong University Museum, Singapore ProLogis Logistics Industrial Park, Libya Gangford Residential, Algeria World Trade Center Building Decoration Project, etc. Many representative projects have won the highest national engineering quality awards such as the "Luban Award", "National Quality Engineering Award", "Zhan Tianyou Award", and "China Construction Engineering Decoration Award". Zhongqing Jian'an Group will always uphold the corporate mission of “honest construction of excellent projects, building a wide range of love and love”, and the core values of “providing quality services to customers, creating a happy life for employees, and achieving maximum returns for the society”, and strive to serve customers Provide better services, achieve win-win cooperation with all sectors of society and build a better future together! Zhongqing Jian'an Group will uphold the core values of “providing customers with quality services, creating happy lives for employees, and achieving maximum returns for the society”, and strive to provide customers with better services to achieve win-win cooperation with all sectors of society and build a better future !!

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